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27 September
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Hi Everyone,
I thought I better come and introduce myself as my user name, why I decided to use it here I don't know, well yes I do, I wanted to remain hidden for awhile as although contrary to some peoples believe I am very shy. So please don't jump when you see 111Buddyboy appear, its really only me, Diane and yes I am from the JAF and JAO, and live way downunder in little ol New Zealand.
You see my husband and I travel a great deal visiting far away places its a great passion we both share. I have had the most amazing pleasure in meeting Julie twice over the past 3 years. The last time at the Paley Center last year. And have just completed a picture book writing course for Children with her daughter Emma. Yes an aspiring writer ..thats me, well we all live and dream don't we. I look forward to making many more wonderful new friends along the way.
Thankyou so much for inviting me.